Monday, November 30, 2009

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving at Grandma Connies Cabin....We just love the Nelson Family!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fall Fun

What a great day we had at Gram Whivies!!!
The Dalleys, Snows and Fillmores headed over to Grams to put up her Christmas Tree..... And while we were doing the business the kids found their own fun....
Cousin Meg, Rafe and Jace having a ball!!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

10 Year

This year we took off to ViVA LaS VeGAs!!!
We left Friday night and came home Monday Morning. Grandma Darcy and Pop Mike was the designated tender and they were SO APPRECIATED!!!! We stayed at the TRUMP for 3 nights of bliss.. The best part is we did what we wanted to do! Shopping, Ate great food, Went to a show,(bought a car) And the best part is we actually got to sleep in... I cant remember the last time I got spoiled like that.
What a Wonderful Anniversary!!!
I am absolutely crazy in LOVE with my man!!!!

I just wanted to list some of my favorite qualities about Ry
Has a big heart...Once you get through his tuff act, he would do anything for anyone..... Knows how to have a great time..... Always busy.... Wonderful Caring Husband.... And the best Father in the World.... He idolizes his boys and loves to spend lots of time with them..... Makes me laugh.. Active... Has a great smile... Cute Butt.... Pretty Teeth... Looks Sexy with a Shaved Head and not many people can do that and get away with it.... Worker... There are so many more to add to the list but bottom line...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Prowler is Back!!!

So Tuesday at 4am in the morning Ryan wakes me up in a panic. He is whispering in a frantic tone " I am going to freak you out, I am going to freak you out." Once I get a grasp on waking up he says" There is something in our bathroom and I think it is that thing that was in our garage two nights ago?" So now I AM FREAKING OUT!!!! No doubt this thing was in our toilet getting a drink of water and I swear it sounded like a pack of hungry wolves...... So here we are sitting in our bed with the light off scared to death not knowing what to do. All of a sudden it starts to peek it head out like it was going to run out and jump in our bed so Ryan jumps in front of the door and yells "Buga Buga" scaring it back and he slams the door shut... We can hear it going crazy in the bathroom jumping up and down on our counters and walls.

So we are thinking what in the **** are we going to do? Who are we going to call? Who is up? So I call my sister Jody and make her get out of bed and look for a pellet gun that she cant find and she is like sorry and just goes back to bed.. ( I couldn't believe it) So we are thinking who can we call? I get the phone book out and try to call ANIMAL CONTROL but they are closed. Then we call Ryan's sister Shenelle and she is laughing out loud because Ryan is acting so scared. So Shenelle calls her boyfriend Matt and he decides to come over and help get the Mystery Guest!!! While we are waiting for Matt to show up Ryan is looking for protective gear- all his clothes are in the bathroom so he has his golf shoes on finds some dirty pants in the laundry room and puts on a long coat from the closet and gets his gloves out from his truck. ( It was hilarious!) So in about 15 minutes the recruits show up Shenelle, Matt, Payton, Jakobe, and Allie. I couldn't believe she woke up her kids at 4 am to catch this THING!!!!

So we put our big garbage can in front of the door way and Matt turns on the light to the bathroom and walks in all brave. This thing runs into Ryan's closet and is going crazy running in and out of his clothes. Matt has this yard stick trying to coax it out. We close all the door trying to get this thing to run in the garbage can. No joke this thing bolts past Matt and goes right under my freaking door jam (cleared it ) It was maybe 1 inch tall. Couldn't believe my eyes! Now that THING is in my closet going through everything (SICK!) Now remember my little husband is standing behind the garbage can scared to death asking Matt if he needs anything. So Matt tells him to grab a blanket, Ryan hands him the blanket and before you know it Matt throws it over this THING and scoops it up...and throws it in the garbage.... And then we knew what it was (A FREAKING SKUNK) that little sucker sprayed in my closet under the blanket and let me tell you I can't begin to describe the GUT BOMBING SMELL we smelled.... Everyone was gagging and puking from the smell this little S-O-B made!

I cant even tell you what a pain this has been!!!!!! I have completely taken everything out of our closets.. All of our clothes are hanging in the garage and on the back fence outside. I have had the Carpet Cleaners over, and we had a Flog Bomb let off in my bedroom and bathroom because of the SMELL. I have washed all the walls and cleaned my bathroom. At this point I am so pissed off that all my clothes reek. I have been to the Laundromat, and I am telling you I am so sick of doing laundry I could puke....

All I can say is no one deserves this!!!!!


Saturday, November 14, 2009


Saturday morning was the worst ever!!!

We just finish eating breakfast and had the whole day to plan something fun. It was a little chilly so Ry flipped on the fireplace. And you know what happened next Briggs put his little left hand on the fireplace glass. We immediately put it in some cold water and gave him some Tylenol but we couldn't get him to stop crying. So Briggs is bawling and then of course I start bawling, and RY is just pissed he cant find anything no first aid kit no ointment (nothing) About 20minutes go by and the poor little guy is just in so much pain that we drop Jace off at my sisters house and go to the Emergency Room. Briggs was screaming for about an hour and a half it was just horrible the hospital finally had to give him some Morphine because he was not calming down. Once he stopped crying they got him all bandaged up and released us. I am telling you that is the worst feeling in the world!
This was at the Hospital right after it happened
This is Briggs at home after the Morphine!
We had to go back to the emergency room the next day to check for any infection and also change the bandages. Then Monday we had to go to the Wound Clinic. It turns out we have to go back Wednesday, Friday and Tuesday for the Dr's to cut off the skin and debrid it.

The blisters finally popped 5 days later! (OUCH)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Garage Prowler!!!!

It's about 8:30 and Ryan goes out in the garage to get something out of his truck. He hears some weird noise in the garage so he immediately flips on the light! He sees this huge THING run across the floor and it hides behind some tires in the back corner of the garage... So Ry runs in the house and grabs the camera, and video camera hoping to get a better look. No joke we all jumped in the back of the bed of the truck and watched it poke its head up and down for like 20 minutes. When we first saw it we thought it was a skunk(but that sucker would of sprayed us for sure) so we ruled out the skunk. We go inside to grab a flashlight we come out and no doubt that sucker jumps out at us. I am screaming, Briggs is laughing because I am jumping up and down, and Jace is bawling because he is so scared of me freaking out. I couldn't stop laughing I pictured THE GRIZWALDS on CHRISTMAS VACATION when there is a squirl in the Christmas tree and the whole family is absolutely freaking out... (that was the Fillmores tonight) I am telling you we have NO idea what this thing is! Its about the size of a cat, has a big bushy tail, is skinny and fast like a squirl, black and white, can climb walls like no other, has a freaky face. We are taking a pole on what you think it might be?
The creepy thing finally ran out of the garage and ran in the neighbors yard... We have the most funny video of the whole thing..Talk about one exciting evening!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Briggs 1st Birthday

I cant believe that ONE YEAR has gone by so fast!!!!!!
The day started out with lots and lots of cooking (holy murder!) I think I cooked 5 hours straight! BUT WHAT A GREAT SPREAD!! We had a great little family BBQ get together at our house. All of Briggs Cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents showed up to support their favorite little guy. I had Heidi Smith make Briggs cake and talk about TALENT! She did and absolutely fab job... I thought that all the kids had a fun time at the Celebration.... Thank goodness Birthdays only come once a year cuz they are a lot of work! Whoo

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rhino Explor'n

We started the first of NOVEMBER with a BANG!
My boys and I headed out for an afternoon Rhino Ride. My sister Jody and her family decided to join us. It is so nice we just take off from our house and in 5 minutes we are there. We went on a fun trail and found some really cool rocks to climb on. It was an absolutely beautiful day!
I am so lucky that I live in such a great town.