Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Mighty Hunter

What Can I say it's that time of year AGAIN!!!!
Ryan and Jace are all about the HUNT!
In the past 5 weeks I think that Big Daddy Ryan has been hunting 4 out of 5.....
Our friend Pamala took this picture of Jace Hunting and then Photo Shopped in the Moose!!!
I couldn't stop LAUGHING!
What a great PHOTO....

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hee Haw!!!!!

It's that time of the year again...
The Lions Dixie Round-Up!It is the Spilsbury,Newby Family Tradition to hit the Rodeo.....

This year was one to remember... Okay you are totally going to laugh but, for the last 15-20 years we have been sitting in the best spot. And let me tell you I didn't even realize what we have to go through to sit in our seats... We hit the Rodeo every night. So every day we have to sit in line with our blankets waiting for the gates to open
(we are in to it HARD CORE)
So let me set this whole thing up for you. At 5 or 6 in the morning we drop off the blankets. We go back around 3:00 pm to sit and wait for the gates to open... (No joke)
Well it gets even better! when the gates open up exactly at 5:00 pm everyone sprints on a dead run to put your blankets down.

So alright, I use to be a full time working girl and usually I would just show up. But this year Brock was gone, and Hey lets face it I have more time than I ever thought I would being a stay at home mom. So Jody and I were in charge, and all I can say is HOLY CRAP! They opened the gates and as I am running to our perfect spot my flip flop flies off and I cant find it, let alone turn around to get it because the fear I might get trampled by the stampede behind me! They even informed me on how to throw the blanket...
Then my sister Jody got in a fight about somebody cutting in line!
It was very funny, we couldn't stop laughing. Three words

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The OLD Gray Mare Aint What She Use To Be!!!

Let me just tell you I am freaking out!!!!! This week I have PLUCKED 3 gray hairs out of my head..... I just turned 30 and my hair is already changing color? I just don't get it I am way to young to have this crap start up.... You always hear everything goes down hill once you hit the big -30- It's harder to loose weight, you get gray hair, Blah Blah Blah.......Well this is nuts! I don't like it one bit... I honestly have never even thought of
Okay so this picture is a little extreme!!!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Heart Breakers

We headed up to the Toquerville exit off I-15 and took some of the most adorable pictures I have ever seen...... I know that I think my boys are cute, but these photos just proved the obvious!!!! Briggs is 9 months
And at the hardest stage ever! He is constantly moving, another word would be wiggle worm...It's almost impossible to change his diaper with out strapping him to the ground with my feet in his armpits... I like to call it "Mobile But Dumb.....He is crawling everywhere and also love love loves to pull everything out of every drawer in the house...(It's driving me crazy.) He absolutely idolizes his older Bro Jace. Briggs sticks out his tongue all day, and slobbers constant.. He cut his first 2 teeth the first of August and I think any day his top two will arrive. Briggs is a happy little man who smiles and laughs all the time. He is getting very good at standing, the other day he let go of the sofa and was standing by himself for approx 3 seconds...(we all were screaming with excitement which scared him and he fell to the floor) He loves to play with his big brothers trucks he rolls them back, and forth making noises with his mouth. We love him so much, and are excited to see how his little personality will shine through as he gets older!

Jace is 3 years old

He absolutely loves his dad, he tells me every day that he is his very best friend...(And Ry is just as crazy about Jace) Jace is into Elk Hunting, Playing with all the neighborhood friends, Loves to swim, Still driving his black truck every day. Jace also is learning his letters and sounds he loves to read and watch movies with his mom and dad. He still is quite the talker there is hardly any moment of silence...... Some of the classic words he says are LASTERDAY, SUNBRELLA, and to many more that I cant think of at the moment.. He is known for loosing his shoes everyday. And very impatient he enjoys telling me what to do all day long (Mr. Bossy) For his Birthday he got a new pedal bike and is getting very good. Jace is a great kid and we love him so much he has quite the personality that makes us laugh every day..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Doggie Update!

Yesterday, Grandma Darcy got a knock at the door and the little neighbor girl was wanting to know if she had lost a dog...(DANG!) Well can you believe it , FERGIE HAS BEEN FOUND! We have had drama the last 2 weeks.... Get a dog, Loose a dog, Find a dog.... I am telling you this has been exhausting... I guess this little girl Maddie fell in love with Fergie and was so sad to give her back. So Big Daddy Ryan debated back and forth to keep the dog or give it away. He finally decided that Jace was just still to young to take care of a dog and gave it to this little 7 year old girl. The best part about it was Ry said he learned a lesson..... "DON'T do something like this before talking to Brandy!!"