Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Birthday Bash to Remember!!

Look how cute Jace's Invite turned out!!! We were in Disneyland a couple of months ago and took this picture by Lightning McQueen...
Jace went to work with his dad 3 months ago down in Mesquite and saw this cute CARS cake at this Mexican Grocery Store... Well my Jace would not forget about it and come to find out the lady that worked there did not either... She would ask Ry every week when it was Jaces Birthday so we had to get the cake...
We were so excited to get Jace this Four Wheeler and just let me tell you he was on cloud 9 all night.. We are so lucky that our family is so supportive they are always here for us and we appreciate everything they do....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jace Turns 4

Happy Birthday Jace
Today my Lit'l Man turns 4 years old.....

I thought that I would tell ya a little about my Jace.... He loves his brother Briggs, they are best buds..... He Idols his dad! I will give a hug and a kiss and say " I love you so much" he looks at me and says "I love my dad"(no doubt every time)....... He is so impatient he gets that from his dad of course....... His favorite thing to do is PLAY with his cousins and friends!....... He loves to watch movies... He is a TALKER and never stops...... Some of the funniest things he says are "Sunbrella","Hearphones","Lasterday", and so on.... He has become quite the swimmer, this year as he says "Watch I can swim side to side in the deep end"..... He started to call my mom WHIVIE and it just stuck.....He can back up his Power Wheels truck like he is a 60 year old man that has been doing it all his life.... He is always going.... His favorite drinks are Chocolate Milk and Sprite... He loves dogs but lost his within a week.... His eyebrows have always been so dark ... He hates it when I sing to him.... Every time he sneezes he blow buggers everywhere..... He is my precious boy and I am so thankful that he is in my life!!!!!!
Look how handsome!!
(He is going to be my Heartbreaker)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Koosherm Cabin

Let me just tell you this Weekend was one to remember......

We headed up to Ryan's Dads Cabin in Koosherm and the weather was overcast and rainy the whole entire time... But we found some things to keep up busy.... The boys ABSOLUTELY loved the horses! So we decided that Paul, Jace, Briggs and I would take a little horse ride up the mountain. Briggs rode with me and Jace with Paul. So we start up the trail and Paul takes me through 2 dang rivers with my little babe Briggs on board. We get through that and I am thinking "What the Hell am I doing!" We head up a little further and let me just tell you what we found... A FREAKING Rattle Snake!

Paul and Jace did not see it in the road, and I hear this RATTLING noise and there it is staring right at Me in the middle of the road...I almost died!

I am picturing in my mind, the horse going crazy and bucking me and Briggs off. Both of us falling to the ground and then we get eaten by the Big Scary Snake.
But No that's no what happened...
Cowboy Paul gets off the horse and like no big deal kills it with a stick of all things. I was so glad he was not scared because to tell you the truth I was a little nervous.