Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stop Growing

I cant believe that my two boys are growing up so FAST!!!!
Today my Briggs turned 18 months old and I cant get over it.... It seems just like yesterday I was in the hospital on bed rest trying to keep him in my tummy. (glad that's over)

My Briggs is a Mama's Boy.... He also is a screamer, He understands everything that you say but communicates with a high pitched scream or (SCHREEAL).... Okay he says a few words Mama, Da Da, Jaaace, Whoof WHoof, Ball, Tickle Tickle Tickle, Pop-A Pop-A, He loves to make truck sounds BBBBBBBBBBB......... He has his four teeth on the bottom and only 3 teeth on the top and his left top is on its way in..... This past week all 4 molars started to peek through.... I am telling you his body is a major battle field... I swear every week it is something new, a bruise on his head from his brother hitting him in the head with a metal bat or a scraped knee from running into the wall.... Briggs still takes one nap a day and sleeps a good 2 hours every day... He loves to ride in Jaces Truck and gets mad when anyone else takes over his passenger seat...

Briggs loves to be outside... I change his clothes at least 2-3 times a day because he is constantly spilling, drooling, and making a mess.... I thinks that his most favorite thing to do is eat... (He never stops) and he is a great chocolate milk schooser he swished it back and forth back and forth.... He also loves to store all of his food in his cheeks... He might be part squirl......The other night I fed him a hot dog and like 30 minutes later Jace is crying because he spit it all over Jaces stomach in bed...(I had no idea he was still chewing on that dang dogger)

Briggs is a sweetheart that idolizes his big brother!! I have noticed lately that Jace is having a harder time doing the old Bate and Switch with Briggs... Jace use to just take any old toy from Briggs and give him something else..... Not anymore!