Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Three Years Old!!!!!!

What can I say the invitation says it all... Our LITTLE BIG MAN is turning THREE!!! (Just let me tell you I had to bribe him to pose the "Hang Loose Sign") and it didn't even turn out to be the right sign......But, I thought the invite turned out so dang cute!
The funniest part about the day was when Jace got the Happy Birthday Phone Calls...Heather, Jordan, Reggie, and Ellsie was the first of the calls and no doubt they all started to sing "The Song" and click!!! Jace hung up the phone...They called back and started over & Jace went to hang up the phone for the second time......and then he cried instead (and they stopped singing.). His dad called him up and he wouldn't stop bawling "I hate that song STOP singing it! click!!! We had lots of hang ups and crying through out the day. But, we had a GREAT turn out! We are so glad that our FUN cousins and friends made it to the party!

The Cake was so darling, Heidi Smith decorate it and she did a Fabulous job!! And just let me tell you, the Cake & Cup Cakes tasted as good as the cake looked.....I cant believe how big my Jace is getting 3 years old (WOW!) Happy Birthday Jace I love you!

Friday, June 5, 2009

1st Swimming Lesson

Today is the Day!!!!!!
I could not believe how great Jace did swimming with cute Shaylee Peterson...Watch out Michael Phelps!!!!